My work and my life show me more and more clearly that the way to greater well-being and contentment goes hand in hand with letting go of unnecessary effort. When we trust ourselves to do what is inherent within us, things on our journey happen almost of their own accord. This may sound overstated at first, but I am experiencing it in my own life in simply astonishing and delightful ways.

In brief:

  • Born 1972 in Cologne, married, two children
  • 1992 Nursing training in Köln-Mehrheim Psychiatric Hospital
  • 1996 Psychology degree at the Technical University of Berlin
  • 2009 Healing Practitioner for Psychotherapy
  • 2005 - present Study and practice of the Grinberg Method
  • 2012 Founding Member of the "International Association of Grinberg Method Practitioners (IAGMP)"
  • 2017 Healing Practitioner

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