The Grinberg Method - Learning to be Well

The Grinberg Method is an emerging learning approach whose goal is to train yourself to improve your own wellbeing and health. In order to do this, it primarily uses not the reasoning power of the mind, but the wealth of experience of the body.

A fundamental observation is that mental, bodily and emotional states always correspond to an individual expression on a bodily level (posture, tension, breath etc.). As soon as you have enough awareness to recognise these patterns in your body, you can learn to put an end to them.

Avi Grinberg found out that the most powerful forces of change in this interaction are pain and fear. Pain is an experience that reminds us of our possible demise. Fear is a perception that drives us on, sharpens our senses and enables our survival.

Suffering usually springs from an attempt of our mind to avoid these forces. Our reactions to them are influenced by our own history and culture. Limitations in our daily lives and a loss of vitality are the unconscious price we pay for that.

The Grinberg Method teaches how to systematically reduce these interferences of our mind in our inner world. It shows ways to allow fear and pain in order to grow and heal. Hereby you win back the ability to be more connected to yourself – to your body – and to manifest your wishes in reality.

There are two aspects to the Grinberg Method, which although being based on the same principles, have distinct goals and approaches.

You can choose whether a Learning Process or a Recovery Process according to the Grinberg Method seems more suitable to you.